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"Out of Spain" (Ed.) educational program for schools
Books/lectures/teacher training

Contents of all books in the series
For pricing and orders: go to: outofspain.com If you encounter any difficulties accessing that site (we have been having some difficulties which we hope to resolve very shortly) please send an e-mail with your needs to: andreebrooks@outofspain.com

BOOK I: Ayer: Our Spanish Heritage
Five lessons covering the history of the Jews of Spain prior to the expulsions of 1492
Optional addition: a 12-minute teaching video starring Theodore Bikel

+Lesson 1. Who are the Sephardic Jews? An introduction including our 12-minute video.
Lesson 2. The Great Invasion: The impact of the arrival of the Moors in Spain.
Lesson 3. Heroes of the Golden Age and Beyond: Poets, songs, medicine and science.
*Lesson 4. Music in the Castles: Birth of the Romanza and favorite instruments.
Lesson 5. Expulsion or Conversion: The Great Expulsion of 1492.

BOOK II: Off to Other Lands: Sephardic Jews from 1492 to the present. Nine lessons covering the scattering and resettlement of the Sephardic Jews after expulsion from Spain. Includes their role in the colonization of the New World.

Lesson 1. Where are we going? ...and the Horrors on the Way.
Lesson 2. “We’ve Arrived!” – in the Ottoman Empire.
Lesson 3. Morocco
Lesson 4. Italy
Lesson 5. Dangerous Secrets: What happened to those who stayed behind.
Lesson 6. A True Story: The amazing life of Doña Gracia Nasi.
Lesson 7. The Caribbean Trading Game: The Sephardic merchant networks.
Lesson 8. Arrival in the New World.
Lesson 9. American Sephardim in Modern Times.

BOOK III: Celebrating Sephardic Culture
Seven lessons covering the customs, music, festivals and food of the Sephardic Jews

*Lesson 1. The Legend of the Key.
Lesson 2. Similarities and Differences: Ashkenazi customs v. Sephardic customs.
Lesson 3. Language Mixtures and Puzzles; the making of the Judeo-Spanish language.
Lesson 4. Food glorious Food: The history and practice of Sephardic cooking.
*Lesson 5. A Sephardic Seder.
*Lesson 6. A Crypto-Jewish Seder.
*Lesson 7. A Sephardic Hanukkah.

*A CD is available (and recommended) to accompany certain activities in these lessons
+ Book I, lesson 1 is designed to be used with our DVD “Ayer: Our Spanish Heritage”

BOOK IV: Teacher’s Notes and Resource Guide:
An additional book covering all lessons to guide teachers through the series.
Includes a Resource Guide: lectures, field trips, videos and books for the family

For pricing and orders go to: outofspain.com If you encounter difficulties with this link (we have been struggling with some problems lately) please let us know your needs by sending an email to: andreebrooks@outofspain.com