Forthcoming Appearance
locations - at a glance

March 21,18; April 4, 11
New York, NY

April 6,16
Stamford, CT

May 11,
Scarsdale, NY

May 16
Scarsdale NY

May 16 and 30
Westport, CT

July 9-15
Copake, NY

July 10-11
Falls Village, NY

July 22
Marlboro, NY

*For more information about attending any of these talks please send an E-mail as indicated on right side of this page.

List of books by this author

"Russian Dance: a true story of Intrigue and Passion in Stalinist Moscow"
The personal story of a Bolshevik spy who was dedicated to the improvement of Jewish life through his involovement in the Russian Revolution

"The Woman who Defied Kings: the life and times of Doña Gracia Nasi"
The life of a 16th century woman banker who developed an escape network that saved hundreds of Jews from the Inquisition

"Out of Spain" (Ed.) educational program for schools
Three student books, a teacher guide, a resource guide, a video starring Theodore Bikel and a music CD covering the history, culture, food, music and customs of the Jews who trace their ancestry to Spain and Portugal. Website:

"Children of Fast Track Parents"
Raising the highly privileged child is never easy... this book takes you behind the scenes to explain the issues these children and their parents face on a daily basis; factors that affect their behavior and development. Added workbooks for parents/teachers and even grandparents. New e-book edition now available from


What Others Say

History, romantic thriller, Jewish history
"A gripping narrative," Publishers' Weekly "highly recommended," Library Journal
Biography, Jewish History
"A delight!" Hadassah Magazine; "An assiduously researched biography," Publishers' Weekly
Sephardic, Caribbean and Mediterranean Jewish history,
History, culture, food, music and customs of the Jews who trace their ancestry to Spain and Portugal. pdf downloads now available from its dedicated website, where you also pay in any currency through Paypal:
Contemporary Parenting
"An excellent child-rearing guide," New York Times; available with hands-on workbooks. New! e-book edition and a companion documentary available on; workbooks directly from this author. This book has its own dedicated website: