Brooks is a journalist, author and lecturer. She has won many awards for her writings. Most recently, she won First Place in the Simon Rockower Awards for feature writing (magazines). In the summer of 2013 she also served as the historial advisor for a pilot script for a proposed TV mini series based on her biography of Dona Gracia Nasi. That same November she was honored by the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame.

Current Works

A romantic thriller with a political twist! "Russian Dance is Jewish history like you have never read it before. First Place winner, National Federation of Press Women, 2005 for biography/history. Purchase or download a copy of this book from its ( dedicated web page.

"The Woman who Defied Kings" is a biography of Dona Gracia Nasi, a Renaissance banker who ran an escape network; selected as a finalist in the 2003 National Jewish Book Awards. Purchase or download a copy of this book from its dedicated ( web page. Facebook at: donagraciaworldwide

This package of books (print, e-book, workbooks, documentary DVD) is all about raising the highly privileged child... new insights and strategies. First Place, non-fiction, National Federation of Press Women. Also featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was later made into an Emmy-nominated PBS documentary that, along with the print edition and updated e-edition, is available from this link to The documentary is listed separately under Amazon's Movies & TV category. The workbooks, in print or through pdf download, are available directly from the author. See e-mail contact above. This book also has its own dedicated website:

Catching up ...

NOTE: We continue to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of Dona Gracia Nasi and we now have a traveling (portable) exhibit to accompany a program. Contact the author for details.
You can also join our community and see research updates by clicking on the following Facebook link: DonaGraciaWorldwide. There, you can offer your idea of which A-list performer you would like to see play the role of Dona Gracia and some of the other lead characters for our planned TV mini-series.

(for further details, or to register for a talk/​course, call or e-mail contacts given below)

April 20, 27 morning
Food in the History of the Jews
Scarsdale Adult School
Scarscale Public Library
SAS Ph: 914-723-5278

April 25, evening
The real history of the Jews of Russia
Scarsdale Adult School
Scarsdale High School
SAS Ph: 914-723-5278

April 26, afternoon and evening
Cuba: its once and future Jews
Hofstra U. Hempstead L.I.
Ph: 516-465-5669

May 10, 17 morning
Food in the History of the Jews
Westport Center for Senior Activities
Westport, CT
Ph: 203-341-5099

July 2, brunch and talk
Gomez and the French Connection
Gomz Mill House,
Marlboro, N.Y.
Ph: 845- 236-3126

July 24-30
a week of history workshops
Berkshire Hills Eisnberg Retreat Center
Copake, NY
Ph: 914-693-8952 (winter #)

Oct 18, 25; Nov 1,8,15; weekly Wed. middday
The unexpected history of the Jews of England
JCC Manhattan, Amsterdam Ave at 76st
New York, N.Y. 10023
Ph: 212-505-4444


NOTE: scholar-in-residence programs and
mini courses are regularly available.
The author is also experienced at handling
TV and radio interviews and moderating
discussion groups.

SPECIAL OFFER - no charge for leading
book group discussions of her works.
Travel costs a problem? These can also be
arranged using a Skype video-hook up.
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CONTACT US: andreebrooks@​

(more details and a full list of topics can be found on the "Lecture Topics" page).

1. Ghetto, Emancipation, Immigration: the story of the German Jews; their background in Europe and why their experience coming to America was so different from the later Eastern European Jews.

3. The Jews of India: from Solomon to Sassoon and beyond: Jews have been trading and settling in India since biblical times. We look at the various migrations and how they maintained their communities for almost three thousand years.

4. On the Fabled Road to Samarkand: a look at the Jews of the ancient Silk Road and later times (known as Bukharian Jews); based upon a trip taken by the lecturer to Uzbekistan in the fall of 2013.

5. Food in the History of the Jews: a tour through the evolution of of Jewish Food from biblical times to today.

6. From Blood Libel to Balfour Declaration: the remarkable history of the Jews of England.

7. The centuries-old history and culture of the Jews of Iran/​Persia.

8. Exploring Cuba: its once and future Jews.A look at the way Cuban Jews are increasingly coming out of the religious closet; based upon a recent visit by Brooks to the island.

9. A Woman for the Ages. The unlikely tale of Amelia Bassano: the shadowy Jewish woman behind Shakespeare and his canon. And how it might change our traditional image of Shylock and the original goal of "The Merchant of Venice."

10. The origins and lesser-known history of the Jews of Russia: understanding their true role in the Bolshevik Revolution. Includes research compiled for her book "Russian Dance."

11. The Incredible story of Doña Gracia Nasi: a 16th century Jewish woman banker and leader. Includes back story of how documents were found.

12. The Origins of Jewish Life in Europe and the birth of Ashkenaz.

13. The Ancient Origins of Merchant Jews and their impact upon our history. Also taught as a mini course: "On the Road with Jewish Merchants."

14. The Jews in the Renaissance: the background, personalities and their artistic achievements. Why we rarely hear about them. Also taught as a mini course.

15. Keeping a secret for 500 years: the Strange Story of the Conversos and how it r
resonates even today. Also taught as a mini course.

16. Were there really Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean? Background and understanding.

17. The (real) history of the Jewish doctor.

18. How DNA studies and genealogical research is affecting our understanding of Jewish history and ourselves.

19. Magic, merchants and miracles: the 2,000-year history of the Jews of Morocco.

20. The hidden history of the Jews of China.

21. Our Past, Ourselves. The real story of the early 20th century mass Jewish immigration into America and their impact upon our attitudes today.

22. Jewish Women through the ages: five-part mini course looks at women from ancient Alexandria through to the revolutionaries of the early 20th centuries.

23. Bad Boy of the Jewish World: a new look at the life of Baruch Spinoza, the excommunicated Dutch philosopher.

24. Communism, McCarthy and the Jews

25. ... and for teachers, school counselors, parents and grandparents: Raising the Over-Privileged Child; based upon her award-winning book/​workbooks "Children of Fast Track Parents," recently updated and offered as an e-book. A one-hour Emmy-nominated documentary, based upon the research, is also available from Ask author for details.


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What Others Say

History, romantic thriller, Jewish history
"A gripping narrative," Publishers' Weekly "highly recommended," Library Journal
Biography, Jewish History
"A delight!" Hadassah Magazine; "An assiduously researched biography," Publishers' Weekly
Sephardic, Caribbean and Mediterranean Jewish history,
History, culture, food, music and customs of the Jews who trace their ancestry to Spain and Portugal. pdf downloads now available from its dedicated website, where you also pay in any currency through Paypal:
Contemporary Parenting
"An excellent child-rearing guide," New York Times; available with hands-on workbooks. New! e-book edition and a companion documentary available on; workbooks directly from this author. This book has its own dedicated website: